About the Journal

Greenation International Journal of Law and Social Sciences (GIJLSS) is a journal that uses a blind peer-review model that can be accessed online. GIJLSS aims to publish a journal containing quality articles that will be able to contribute thoughts from theoretical and empirical perspectives for the advancement of technology and education. The writings on GIJLSS will make a significant contribution to critical thinking in the scientific field in general, particularly in the fields of Law and Social Sciences.

Editors accept manuscripts that have never been published by other media. The research published is the personal opinion of the researcher and is not the opinion of the editor or Greenation Research. Journal published periodically 4 (four) times a year, namely in March, June, September, and December. The selection of articles to be published in GIJLSS has gone through a review process by the editorial team taking into account the following: Fulfillment of the standard requirements for journal publication, research methods used, significance, and contribution of research results to the development of the science of Law and Social Sciences.